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cabx allows every driver to build their own venture

cabx is a ride-sharing service that allows every passenger to meet their own driver with just one tap. Soon available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Accumulate miles even while sleeping

A special multi-level marketing program that gives back 1% from every trip made by a passenger or invited passengers on the levels below. The more you share, the more you get. Use your unique X-Code to invite new users. App statistics let you know how many people you've referred.

You always know what you're paying for. Fixed rates regardless of the situation. Use credit card, cash or accumulated X-Money balance to cover the cost of the ride.

Estimated Time of Arrival

Track your driver on the map anytime, anywhere from the app or share your ETA (estimated time of arrival) with others.

Your ride experience means a lot to us. By rating your driver you improve the cabx service daily. Drivers with a low rating can be excluded from the system.



Create your own transport venture

A special multi-level marketing program that allows drivers to get additional revenue from the earnings generated by invited drivers on levels below. Drive on your own and get real money every day, or go big and build your own transport venture inside the cabx system. It's always up to you, no matter when you started.

Being a cabx partner means you can make the system work for you. Turn your everyday fare into excess profit and make your dreams come true. Drive for fun and new social experiences, or transform cabx into a kick-start funding platform.

Schedule your work

Now your time is at your service. The cabx system lets you go online and drive when it?s convenient. Save your time for family and friends, and stop working 24/7.

Your driving experience means a lot in improving the cabx ecosystem. By rating your passenger you're helping to build a better service. Passengers with a low rating can be excluded from the system.

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Coming 2021

Our two apps for passengers and two apps for drivers on both IOS and ANDROID platforms are already developed and being tested.

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